Pietro Wines Story

Ciao, my name is Pietro, I was born on October 19th, 1985, in Marsala, small city  at the western part of Sicily, Italy. Marsala has a rich history and is particularly well-known for its wine.

It all began with my Nonno, Diego, my Mother’s Father. I thank him for his devotion and the hard work he put into the land. My family’s vineyard is called ‘La Botticella’, a family business that produces organic wines, a niche and high quality product.

I recall doing my first vintage at the early age of seven, that is where this journey began for me. The colours and that outburst of smells which linger in the air when the fruit ripens and is ready for harvest is a sensation too difficult to put into words. I know that is exactly what made my passion and love for the viticulture surface.

After nearly ten years of diligent and hard work  here in Australia in 2020 , Francesca and I decided to establish our own brand, ‘Pietro Wines’. Our primary goal was to create a  small batch wines and simultaneously import some of my family’s wine from, La Botticella

Learn about the Process

Organic grapes are not sprayed with harmful chemical pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides. As a result, organic wine is a more natural and cleaner product to consume, often lauded for their benefits to the environment.

Small batch winemaking is exactly as it sounds, a small batch of wine made from a small parcel of grapes, drawn from a single vineyard,  from the best block and released in very limited number of bottles.

It represents the pinnacle of the craft for us, we are inspired by all our knowledge, our passion and the art of making wine.

Featured Wines

Botticella Gilea Bianco

The grapes come from vineyards located in western Sicily, on display at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, characterized by medium soils, able to ensure the wine a large structure.

$160 per six pack

Botticella Gilea Rosso

This Nero D`Avola is medium-body style ,the colour is red deep ruby ,It`s flavours range from cherry to prune , and the aroma is fruity with
persistent oak. The tannin on the palate is rich and smooth with balance of acidity.

From $160 per six pack

Botticella Fuddria

Passito is a wine with intense golden yellow colour , the bouquet is fruity and aromatic similar to dried figs and ripe fruit. The taste is sweet , soft with a scent of orange, honey and raisins. It is recommended at 10-12 degrees. Matching with chocolate dessert, tarts, almond biscuits but also excellent as meditation wine. 

$90 per bottle

Pietro Nero D'Avola

Iridescent purple glow with a bright magenta hue, Aroma of dark chocolate, cherries both red & black. Perfume characters of mainly violets are abound upon further inspection. Hints of spice with slight white pepper background. 

$30 per bottle
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